The sooner you build the website, the better


First of all, the structure of the website should be good, and then the content of the website should be “material.” However, the website is inspected and recognized by a search engine such as Google, it will take time, three or five months, and more than half a year, and the number of websites in the world is increasing, so if you want to be in a certain field for a long time, Development, our suggestion is to build the website as early as possible, which is also equivalent to the early layout. The following picture shows the browsing monitoring chart of someone website. There are already more than 9,000 page views. When it is good, there are 130 views in a single day.

The website does not have a ranking bid for spending money, and it also has a good performance. One of the most important reasons is that the website has been built for two years, and it is slowly being known by more and more people, and then being more People know so that this forms a virtuous circle. Therefore, early construction of the station, early layout, early publicity, early SEO.

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