Why do I need a website if I have my own e-shop??


Why do I need a website if I have my own e-shop??

If your goods (products) have been placed on e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, LAZADA, 99SME, this is just the first step. Because the platform does not, and it is difficult to effectively and specifically promote your products. So you still need a corresponding website to advertise your products, introduce products and services in more detail, give customers a more real feeling, and complete the second step.

Of course, this website of yours does not need to complete e-commerce operations, but focus on introducing products, introducing services, and doing sufficient publicity (that is, website optimization, in a better mean: website SEO), and then put a simple link to connect to your related products on the e-commerce platform (accurately linked to your products) to guide customers to complete the purchase. In other words, if potential customers are looking for online through mobile phones or computers, your website is of course far ahead of the product rankings on the electronic platform, and there are many more opportunities to present. Therefore, customers will first see your website through the website to know more information, and then lead to your e-shop. As shown below:

     Establish your own website, present it first, and don’t let your products (goods) be overwhelmed by massive commodities and massive information on the e-Commerce platform!

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