The most useful function of the website we designed is – the website directly WhatsApp


Judging from recent customer feedback,

The most useful features of the website we designed are:
Website direct WhatsApp

The bilingual website designed by our company is magnificent and beautiful, with comprehensive functions, optimized layout, beautiful and beautiful, and more importantly, we pay great attention to practicality.

The websites we design can go directly from the website to WhatsApp, either on the computer or on the mobile. Customer feedback said that this is the most used function of the website, and most viewers contact and inquire directly through WhatsApp. As shown below:

Visitors look at the website, their intentions and ideas are all at once. If the website has WhatsApp, and he can immediately click on WhatsApp button to contact or leave a message. It is very convenient and fast. This is very easy to use on computers, mobile phones, and tablets. It is very practical.

Ordinary websites, or old websites, do not have the WhatsApp function like our website. To contact, you usually jump to the contact page to send an email, which is not as convenient as the website we designed.

According to the situation we use, it is indeed 90% of the contact information comes through WhatsApp. It is 10% that come through e-mail, and there is not much useful information and not noticed in time.

(Our Singapore bilingual website design company can add WhatsApp function to your website. The service charge is: S$200 per station)

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