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Network product name, price, enlargement of product details, adding to shopping cart, settlement, online payment collection and other sales functions are quite a lot, the interface is very simple. There are few varieties of products to show, but the instructions can be very detailed. It is too simple to change the price and adjust the product variety in the background. Suitable for business products with few varieties, but need more explanations of the company’s business website, suitable for brand professional manufacturers, enterprises, individuals or a product-specific agency company, featured products display sales, etc. The main features of the website are as follows:

1 . Website plain, simple, elegant, the structure is php + dynamic site structure most avant-garde idea of SQL databases; 2 . Complete commodity display function in the home (or shop page) Click merchandise is displayed detail, and Photo cloud zoom, then zoom, can clearly show the product details, display rotation also provides commodity album, so that the display of goods from multiple angles;
3 . Click the Add to Cart enters the transaction, the purchaser can accept the requested delivery address (and may be different from the billing address), automatically calculate shipping charges; 4 . It accepts a variety of payment methods, such as PayPal, VISA, Bank Transfer;
5 .Dashboard complete record and display transaction details, automatic inventory management, display and merchandise sales each period; 6 .  Dashboard automatically records customer information for easy tracking of goods and service;
7 . By use Password into the Dashboard, it can easily increase, decrease commodity, commodity price adjustment, or replace the product image album, background operation does not need to know the program, the general staff can do the job; 8 .  Provide Dashboard Operation training. About four houres;
9 . Customers can create a profile on the site, so the site for her to save your billing address, shipping address and purchase history, to establish a good shopping experience; 10. If needed, we set Google tracking application and keep abreast of those countries and regions, how many users are concerned about your site.

Main page of the website

Screenshot of the website, click to view the big picture.

Home Page

The characteristics of this kind of website are that there are not many types of products, which can just put more explanations and introductions on the front page.
Detailed instructions and descriptions can be text, images, galleries or even video multimedia. Depending on the product, such as small food, then the page can be a little lively, if it is a craft, the page will do a little bit of literature.
Demonstration is a coffee powder website, although it is very simple, but because the station owner often publish both practical and original pictures and articles, no Retained to explain the characteristics of coffee powder, coffee shop business aspects of the various issues, including appliances, methods, and even go there to buy coffee pots, as well as coffee demonstration video, so SEO effect is not bad, two years for the site’s coffee powder The company has added more than ten fixed customers and won a good reputation. Even mainland China has opened a coffee shop through this website, and also purchased coffee powder and tea powder through this website.
The home page also lists the article title bar of the website. The topic of the article is clear at a glance. Click to see the article of interest. It is fast.

Screenshot of the website, click to view the big picture.

Shop Page

There are fewer varieties of goods, so the store page is simple.

Display the product name, price. Click to view product details and related galleries on the new page.

Here you can add items directly to your shopping cart.

Screenshot of the website, click to view the big picture.

Product Detail Page

Here, you can write more about this product, more about the gallery of this product. Write her features, features, raw materials, effects, and even her past and present.

Can be text, images, or video multimedia.

Also put on the relevant products, there is also a “prepared tire.”

Screenshot of the website, click to view the big picture.

Product enlargement picture page

Click on the product image to see the enlarged image of the product and see the details of the product.

It is said that “details determine success or failure!”.

It is undoubtedly the best to show the details of the goods to the viewer.

Screenshot of the website, click to view the big picture.

Shopping Cart Page

Here is a list of what items are in your shopping cart.

Here, you can change the number of items in the shopping cart, and of course you can delete some items or all.

Screenshot of the website, click to view the big picture.

Check-out Page

This is a importent step in online shopping.

Here, the customer leaves the contact information and automatically becomes a member of the website, and the next time the purchase is made, the relevant information is automatically displayed.

The website will also automatically save relevant information, on the one hand to do logistics inquiries, on the other hand, to collect information for future marketing promotion. This information is “big data” in the website database.

Website screenshot, click to view larger image

Blog  Page

The role of establishing a website is to introduce your products, services and contact information in multiple languages ​​through the website. More importantly, the website is the most important place to do public relations. Specifically, it is around your own products and services, in the blog, that is, the article page, often publish website information and article, on the one hand is to solve the popular problem for the old customers in a timely manner, another thing is to attract browsing and create potential customers. More publish useful and original articles are the best Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) jobs!
In principle, to do a good job in Search Engine Optimization, the core is two points, one is that the structure of the website itself is reasonable and optimal, and the second is that the content of the website is better, which can provide valuable things to the website viewer.
Therefore, we will build a reasonable and optimal website for you, and strongly recommend the website owner to send more articles and more articles. At the same time, we must also understand that the work of search engine optimization can not see results in a day or two, from a few months to more than half a year. But solid foundation work is also the only way to succeed.
The website we design will automatically post your articles to your Facebook and Twitter, Google+ and other social platforms.

Screenshot of the website, click to view the big picture.

Contact Us Page

On this page, all contact information and addresses are listed.
There are Google Maps to help viewers find our location.
There is also a contact form that allows the contact person to contact the website owner directly via email.

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