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In today’s Internet age, a website is the business card and the door to the world. A good website not only reflects the corporate culture and spirit, but also uses the most beautiful form and the most powerful function to show the world its ideas, products and services.

There is also a big advantage of owning your own website, that is, by publishing articles, publishing products, and constantly making search engine optimization (SEO), improve the company’s website ranking in search engines, increase visibility, and attract potential customers.

1 . The website is concise and clear, highlighting the flagship products of the company and focusing on services; 2 . The function is very perfect, introduced the product, also introduced own enterprise;
3 . Display all products in categories, and display short descriptions of selected and good flagship products at the same time; 4 . Click to enter the detailed product page, and then introduce the product technical parameters, use characteristics, research and development process, etc. in detail;
5 .Conforming to the trend of flexible production, there are user-customized detailed detail pages, multimedia files are accepted, and special requirements of users are accepted; 6 . Connect to major social platforms, company new products, new concepts are released to the platform at any time to expand marketing;
7 . The password enters the background, you can easily add, reduce products, adjust product prices, change product pictures or photo albums, background operations do not need to understand the program, ordinary staff can be competent; 8 . Introduce products, exchange experience, publish articles, continuously optimize search engine (SEO), improve the company’s website ranking in search engines, increase visibility, and attract potential customers.

Main pages of the website

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Home Page

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Product Display Page

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Product Details Page

Here, you can write more descriptions about this product, and more galleries about this product. Write her functions, characteristics, raw materials, functions, and even her past and present.

It can be text, picture, or video multimedia。

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Commissioned Page

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About Us Page

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Contact Us Page

On this page, all contact information and addresses are listed.
There are Google Maps to help visitors find the location.
There is also a contact form, which is convenient for the contact customer to directly contact the website owner via e-mail.

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Blog (article) Page

The function of establishing a website is to introduce your products, services and contacts to the world through the website in multiple languages. More importantly, the website is the most important place for public relations. Specifically, it is around one’s own products. And services, in blogs, that is, article pages, often publish website information and online website publications. On the one hand, it is to solve the popularization problem for old customers in a timely manner. On the other hand, it is to attract browsing and create potential online customers. Posting more useful and original articles is the best search engine optimization work!

In principle, to do a good job of search engine optimization, the core is two points. One is that the website itself has a reasonable and optimal structure, and the second is that the content of the website should be good, which can provide valuable things to website viewers.

Therefore, we will build a reasonable and optimal website for you. At the same time, we strongly recommend website owners to post more articles and more articles. At the same time, it must be understood that the search engine optimization work cannot be effective in one or two days, at least a few months, or as long as half a year. But doing the basic work well is the only way to succeed.

The website we designed will automatically publish your articles to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social platforms at the same time.

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