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The V2 version has a distinctive feature that is beautifully colorful, more lively, suitable for small foods and more. Of course, the product name, price, enlargement of the product details, adding to the shopping cart, settlement, online payment collection and other sales functions are quite a lot, the interface is very simple. There are few varieties of products to show, but the instructions can be very detailed. It is too simple to change the price and adjust the product variety in the background. Suitable for business products with few varieties, but need more explanations of the company’s business website, suitable for brand professional manufacturers, enterprises, individuals or a product-specific agency company, featured products display sales, etc. The main features of the website are as follows:

1 .  The website is simple, concise, generous, and structurally the dynamic website structure of the most avant-garde concept of php + SQL database; 2 . Complete product display function, click product on the home page (or store) to display the product details, and enlarge the product image to clearly display the company’s product details, and provide a rotating display of the product album, so that the product can be displayed from multiple angles;
3 . Click to join the shopping cart to enter the transaction, you can accept the buyer’s requested purchase address (can be different from the billing address), automatically calculate the shipping cost; 4 . The company website accepts a variety of payment methods, such as Paypay, VISA, company bank transfer;
5 .Completely record and display transaction details in the background, automatically manage inventory, and display the sales of each company’s goods and time slots; 6 .  Automatically record buyer’s customer data in the background for easy product tracking and after-sales service
7 . Use password enters the background, which can be easily increased, the goods are reduced, the price of the product is adjusted, the product picture or photo album is replaced, the background operation does not need to understand the program, and the general staff can be competent; 8 .  Customers can create personal information on the website, let the website save the billing address, shipping address and purchase record for the custmer to establish a good shopping experience;
9 . If needed, we set up and apply for Google tracking to keep track of how many users have seen your company website in those countries.


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Home Page

The characteristics of this kind of website are that there are not many types of products, which can just put more explanations and introductions on the front page.

Detailed instructions and descriptions can be text, images, galleries or even video multimedia. Depending on the product, such as small food, then the page can be a little lively, if it is a craft, the page will do a little bit of literature.

This is a coffee powder website. Although it is very simple, it explains the characteristics of coffee powder without any reservations. The various problems in the operation of the coffee shop, including the utensils, methods, and even the introduction to buy coffee pots there, as well as the demonstration video of coffee brewing. .

The home page also lists the associated product purchase channels.

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Shop Page

There are fewer varieties of goods, so the store page is simple.

Display the product name, price. Click to view product details and related galleries on the new page.

Here you can add items directly to your shopping cart.

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Product Details Page

Here, you can write more about this product, more about the gallery of this product. Write her features, features, ingredients, effects, and even her story.

Can be text, images, or video multimedia.

Click on the product image to see the enlarged image of the product and see the details of the product.

It is undoubtedly the best to show the details of the goods to the viewer.

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Shopping Cart Page

Here is a list of what items are in your shopping cart.

Here, you can change the number of items in the shopping cart, and of course you can delete some items or all.

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Blog (article) Page

The role of establishing a website is to introduce your products, services and contacts in multiple languages ​​through the website. More importantly, the website is the most important place to do public relations. Specifically, it is around your own products and services, in the blog, that is, the article page, often publish your article and website information, on the one hand is to solve the popular problem for the old customers in a timely manner, second is to attract browsing and create potential customers. More useful original articles are the best search engine optimization jobs!

In principle, to do a good job in search engine optimization, the core is two points, one is that the structure of the website itself is reasonable and optimal, and the second is that the content of the website is better, which can provide valuable things to the website viewer.

Therefore, we will build a reasonable and optimal website for you, and strongly recommend the website owner to send more articles and more articles. At the same time, we must also understand that the work of search engine optimization can not see results in a day or two, from a few months to more than half a year. But solid foundation work is also the only way to succeed.

The website we design will automatically post your articles to your Facebook and Twitter, Google+ and other social platforms.This is also part of internet marketing.

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Contact us Page

On this page, all contact information and addresses are listed.
There are Google Maps to help viewers find their location.
There is also a contact form that allows the contact person to contact the website owner directly via email.

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