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In today’s Internet age, a website is the business card of an enterprise or an individual, and it is also the door to the world.
The websites we design are::

1 . Use the most beautiful form and the most powerful function to show your own ideas, products, services and company team; 2 . Clearly and in detail introduce the training programs, supporting facilities and fees;
3 . Membership system, set up four levels (basic, silver, gold, platinum) paid members and ordinary non-charged members to ensure good service; 4 . With all the functions of e-commerce, product display (including variable products), zoom in details, add to shopping cart, calculate, accept online payment;
5 .Detailed display of member information, product inventory and sales status in the background; 6 . It is very easy to increase and decrease fitness packages, products, and change photos and texts in the background, without knowing the program;
7 . Announce the latest projects and future developments in real time; 8 . The website automatically monitors, automatically collects electronic marketing data, and displays daily page views,
9 . By publishing articles and training projects, we can achieve help and friendliness to customers, and continue to optimize search engines (the website is customer-friendly, and search engines are friendly to the website.) That is, SEO, to improve the ranking of the company’s website in search engines, and improve Visibility and attract potential customers; 10. Published articles and published training projects are automatically published on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Google+, Path and other delivery platforms at the same time. This is the latest promotion method of network development and has the first opportunity;

Main page of the website

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Home Page

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Services and Price Page

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Shop Page

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Show Detail page

Click on the product picture, you can see the enlarged picture of the product and see the details of the product.

Some say “details determine success or failure!” and some say “too much attention to details will lose the big picture!”.

It is undoubtedly the best to show the details of the product to the viewer。

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Blog (Article) Page

The function of establishing a website is to introduce one’s own products, services and contacts to the world through the website in multiple languages. More importantly, the website is the most important place for public relations. Specifically, it is around one’s own products. And services, in blogs, that is, article pages, often publish website information and online website publications. On the one hand, it is to solve the problem of popularization for old customers in a timely manner. On the other hand, it is to attract browsing and create potential online customers. Posting more useful and original articles is the best search engine optimization work!

In principle, to do a good job of search engine optimization, the core is two points, one is the website itself has a reasonable and optimal structure, and the second is that the content of the website should be good, which can provide valuable things to website viewers.

Therefore, we will build a reasonable and optimal website for you. At the same time, we strongly recommend website owners to post more articles and more articles. At the same time, it must be understood that the search engine optimization work cannot be effective in one or two days, at least a few months, or as long as half a year. But doing the basic work well is the only way to succeed.

The website we designed will automatically publish your articles to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social platforms at the same time.

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Contact Us page

On this page, all contact information and addresses are listed.
There are Google Maps to help visitors find the location.
There is also a contact form, which is convenient for the contact customer to directly contact the website owner via email。

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Login and Management Backgroud Page

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Registered member page

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