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Your website is an company’s business card, and a door to the world. Good websites must not only reflect the enterprise culture and spirit, it also needs to present the company’s products, services and mission in a manner that is clear and elegant. There is also a great advantage to having your own website, that is, by publishing articles, publishing services, reflecting the help and friendliness of customers, and constantly making search engine optimization (the site is customer friendly, the search engine is friendly to the site, ie SEO) , To improve the company’s Web site in the search engine rankings, improve visibility, attract potential customers.

1 .  With the most beautiful form, the most powerful features to show their ideas, products, services and corporate team; 2 .  Clearly and in detail the training program, beauty plan package and charges;
3 . with online booking function, allows customers to book items, customer service and time; 4 . With all the features of e-commerce, merchandise display (including variable goods), details zoom, add shopping cart, calculate, accept online payment;
5 .Display the details of the custmers information, product inventory and sales in the site background ; 6 .  To increase and reduce beauty program, products, change photos and text, are very easy, do not need to understand the program;
7 . Immediately announce the latest projects and future developments;
Published articles, published beauty projects, automatically at the same time in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Google+, Path and other delivery platform release, which is the latest development of network development methods, with the opportunity to grab the initiative;
8 .  Through the release of articles, release beauty programs to achieve customer assistance and friendly, and constantly make search engine optimization (site friendly to the customer, the search engine on the site friendly.) That SEO, improve the company’s website in the search engine rankings , To raise awareness, to attract potential customers;
9 . Automatic email marketing 10. The site automatically monitors, and shows the daily page views,
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Home Page

  1. This is a website for beauty treatments. From color to picture, it is a soft and considerate feeling.
  2. Here, we introduce the concept of the spa center in the form of a unique website, and talk about the relationship between people and nature, the importance of nursing and conditioning.
  3. Then introduce the center’s services, specifically those steps, what effect will be achieved, and what group is applicable, there are concessions, there are ordinary prices. Combine a series of related services to form a package to provide better and more comprehensive services.
  4. Introduced the spa center team, professional physiotherapists with good technical skills, what are the outstanding achievements, and what are the advantages.
  5. Of course, for the convenience of the viewer, the home page also displays general contact information. Business hours, special offers, etc., you can also directly enter your favorite reservations from here.
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Services Page


  1. Appropriately explain to your customers the body function, the external mechanism of action, is very beneficial to the next beauty and beauty care and conditioning, which will be the scientific cooperation of customers to achieve the most harmonious results.
  2. This page gives a detailed introduction to the services of the Spa Beauty Center. The scientific basis of beauty and beauty is explained from the mechanism, and the effect is clear from the method. One, two, three, there are priorities and levels.
  3. There are pictures, texts, and even human body maps, videos, and so on.
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Reservation Page

  1. For the most efficient use of beauty equipment, the most reasonable man power resource allocation, and for the free time arrangement of customers, the Spa Beauty Center provides reservation service on the website.
  2. On our interactive booking service page, customers can choose the beauty services and beauty stylists they like or are familiar with, and choose the desired service package. Accordingly, the Spa center list the beauty and beauty stylists in the will be coming next week the time period that can be reserved, the customer can choose the time that they can fully cooperate with.
  3. Time clips are arranged in the background, intuitive and simple.
  4. After the customer issues an appointment, the owner of the website is automatically notified by e-mail, and the customer receives an approved e-mail after being approved by the website owner.
  5. In order to prevent someone from using the automatic program to make a malicious appointment, the Spa Beauty website reservation page has a verification code for fill.
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Services and Products Page

  1. This website is also a business website with all the business elements..
  2. This page lists all the services and prices and a brief description.
  3. Moreover, the Spa Beauty Center can display its own products or products recommended by customers on the website. Customers can click on the goods, view the details, then add to the shopping cart, place an order, and the website owner receives the order email. View the order details in the background, then package the shipment according to the order, complete all online transactions. Of course, the payment methods are various, which can be credit card, PayPal, etc.

Blog Page

We repeatedly told our website customers that you need to publish more articles and need to publish more articles!
why? Just for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), get better ranking in Google.
One of the biggest factors in determining SEO is that the structure of the website is reasonable and optimal. We try our best to make this goal when designing the website. The second point is to provide more “benefits” to the viewers on the website. There are many useful, relevant, original articles, pictures, videos, and links to social platforms. The Search Engine is a very smart machine. She knows you do and she will move your website rankings forward. This is the best way to do SEO forever.
Your website is ranked high and there are more potential customers. One of the biggest goals of the Spa Beauty website is to expand the influence and attract potential customers.
It’s also very easy to post on your beauty page, and there is a place to write articles in the background. The article is automatically posted to your social platforms, such as Facebook, WeChat, Twitter, etc., when the site is published.

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Contact us Page

  1. On the contact page, the website displays your contact information, address and more.
  2. There are Google Maps to help viewers locate.
  3. There is also a contact form that is convenient for viewers, potential customers to provide email and contact you.
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