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The normal website we design is also flexible, highly customizable, and super user-friendly because we use a dynamic database in the background and have a great content management system. You can use it for small companies, corporate websites, hotel clubs, personal websites (e.g. professional lawyers, professional intermediaries), or art, blog sites and more.

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SEO Search Engine Optimization

The process of affecting the visibility of a website or web page in search engine unpaid results is SEO. In general, the earlier a site appears in the search results list , and the more frequently a site appears, the more visitors it will receive from the users of the search engine, and the more likely it will be for your business take it to the next level.

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Our Kinyuanyuan coffee powder website ( https://www.ems156.com/kf ) did not price and spend on any search engine, but it was also ranked on the first page in Google search, and there were many The newly opened coffee shop, through Google, found this website, found kinyuanyuan coffee powder, and contacted the merchant. Jinyuanyuan Coffee Powder Co., Ltd. has thus increased customers and increased sales.

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Integrate platforms to increase opportunities

Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of online marketing. When articles are published on a website, they are simultaneously published on various social platforms, such as Facebook and twitter. Of course it is also possible to advertise via email. With the development of technology, more platforms and more methods will appear.

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In order to meet the needs of customers to frequently change the content of the website, including contact information, text pictures, etc., the websites we design are all customer dynamic management websites (CMS). Websites with such a system allow you or your partners/employees to enter the backend of the website with a password, and use the content management system located in the backend to add and edit content on your website. These systems are so simple that you can add new pages or edit or delete the content of your website without the need for website programming training. These systems are so simple that you can add new pages or edit or delete the content of your website without the need for website programming training. We encourage and conduct basic free training to allow clients to manage their own websites using a content management system. Of course, we also accept clients to entrust us to manage the website, this service is charged according to the time it takes us to complete your task, $30/hour.

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Singapore Web Hosting

Singapore web hosting providers offer good hardware and software services, are reputable and have bilingual phone customer service. We can apply for a Singapore web hosting server for our clients, giving you the best control, functionality and security.

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