Email marketing

Minimal cost email marketing

Timely, fast and orderly delivery of your new information, new products, new services to customers or potential customers via e-mail.

Email marketing

Use a simple drag and drop tool design to post interesting email marketing campaigns. Through a better design, the mail has text, pictures, links, and accurate delivery.

Schedule your campaigns, or send them immediately, or send them in a series every day

Email marketing campaigns can be sent at your convenience because we store them in the cloud, which means you can access your desktop, tablet or phone anytime, anywhere, schedule your campaign, or send it right away, or series every day. Send in one episode.

Tracking emails, monitoring reports

E-mail marketing software makes it easy to track your email marketing campaigns. You can easily see how many recipients have opened your email, the number of emails returned, unsubscribe rates, and click statistics. There are several ways to analyze and explain your campaign performance, including charts and data, to help you improve your advertising efforts.

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