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Three aspects of Internet of Things website

Click:  to enter the demo website and experience the operation

Our innovation has greatly reduced technical obstacles such as homework, remote work, harsh environment work, online viewing and discussion, etc., to adapt to the changes and development of the times, especially the real needs during the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and Post-COVID-19 period.
Our remote website enables remote viewing, working remotely, or operating in place of workers in harsh environments, viewing and discussing issues online.
Since it is remote, of course, it cannot be separated from the standard configuration of the cam head. Our Internet of Things website can not only check the scene on the scene remotely, but also:

Function 1: Operate specific equipment through the website: such as signal devices, laser spots, lighting equipment, trolleys, show obejets platform, processing equipment, door gate, etc. The picture below is a demonstration website panel:

Click the laser point button to turn on the laser spot and specify the focus position for positioning, because it is far away from the scene, which can clearly specify the object. According to the remote site environment, click the lighting button to remotely turn on/off the lighting equipment to provide lighting. From the control sidebar of this panel, click any button to turn the camera left, right, or up or down, or start the camera cart to walk left or right, and observe from different angles and positions as you like. If you are displaying characteristic items, you can remotely open the rotating display platform and turn on the lights to see the details.

Function 2: The IOT website is a cross-platform website that connects the website platform and the offline real-time platform. In all countries and corners of the world, you can browse real-time video and control real-time control objects through the website. For example, midnight in Singapore is daytime in the United Kingdom. British colleagues or customers want to view and control factories, warehouses or complete services in Singapore. They can go through the page on the website to see what they want to see and do.

Function 3: Based on the website platform: Because it is based on the website platform, it can be observed and manipulated by the computer, and the large image on the screen is clear, which is convenient for multiple stakeholders to observe and discuss together. Of course, using a mobile phone is also fully functionally compatible with an adaptive interface.

Click:  to enter the demo website and experience the operation

Three working modes of IOT website

1) Fixed IP address working mode:

Fixed IP, or Static IP, public network IP address dedicated line mode. The advantage of this method is that all links are owned by the website owner, which is safe and reliable.

However, it is necessary to lease a dedicated line with a static IP address from Singapore Telecom. First, the remote video and control of the Internet of Things requires a website address with a fixed IP address. Second, the video transmission traffic is large, and the cost of charging by traffic is relatively high.

With the development of technology, leased line with static IP address is not very expensive. Taking Singapore Singtel as an example, renting a private line with a static IP address, in layman’s terms, is to open a static IP line (Static IP). three-year contract, the monthly fee is 100 Singapore dollars (If  a three-year contract), unlimited traffic, and a speed of 100M, which is enough Meet the video and control technology requirements of the Internet of Things.

2) Google Cloud Work Mode

Our bilingual Internet of Things website has two working modes: Simply put, it is Google Cloud Mode and Virtual Network Mode.

Here, first introduces the 1st: Google Cloud Model, the conceptual diagram is as follows:

The greatest feature:

1) The domain name binding is completed through the “cloud”, and the transmission of video streams and control information streams is like having a public network IP. In addition to the function of a common website, and operation can be performed on remote equipments and devices, such as watching Live video, adjust video orientation and angle, turn on/off such as lights, gates, and rotating object show platforms, etc.;

2) In the form of top-level domain names in the www Internet, just like ordinary websites, any time, any place, any computer, mobile phone can be browsed, can be operated remotely, suitable for information publishing websites, products / services websites for the global village;

2) Virtual small network working mode

Demo website video

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