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Our company’s designed website not only has a beautiful and stylish appearance and a smooth and user-friendly user experience, but also provides live broadcasting functions, with a demonstration page as follows:

This is based on our normal bilingual website design, but with the introduction of some Internet of Things technology. Whether it’s a personal website, company website, business, membership, or appointment website, it can be achieved.

This function is achieved by installing video head micro systems at the site, such as in the company office, production workshop, kitchen, etc. The micro system generates a video stream, which is received by the website to form a video, and the site is directly played on the website, which is what we mean by live broadcasting.

If you are the website owner, you can understand more about the site conditions through the real-time video and audio of the live broadcast, and you can adjust the settings of the site’s machines and equipment remotely by opening or closing them, which enables remote monitoring and control. The website visitors can see the completely true live broadcast, which improves the brand awareness and customer satisfaction. In addition, live broadcasts can also be used in online training, news conferences, product launches, and other occasions.
If you are looking for a website that can bring unique advantages to your business, please choose us.

Price reference:

Website (if you don’t have a website yet): $1600 to $6000;
Video head micro system: $1200.
Site requirements: Network environment.

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