The 1st working mode of Internet of our IOT website

Google Cloud Work Mode

Keywords: no data charge, www, large computer screen, mobile phone, remote, operation (interactive)

Our bilingual Internet of Things website has two working modes: Simply put, it is Google Cloud Mode and Virtual Network Mode.

Here, first introduces the 1st: Google Cloud Model, the conceptual diagram is as follows:

The greatest feature:

1) The domain name binding is completed through the “cloud”, and the transmission of video streams and control information streams is like having a public network IP. In addition to the function of a common website, and operation can be performed on remote equipments and devices, such as watching Live video, adjust video orientation and angle, turn on/off such as lights, gates, and rotating object show platforms, etc.;

2) In the form of top-level domain names in the www Internet, just like ordinary websites, any time, any place, any computer, mobile phone can be browsed, can be operated remotely, suitable for information publishing websites, products / services websites for the global village;

3) Using the Internet as a platform, network traffic is basically no longer charged, when the Internet of Things ( IOT) website is operating, there is no traffic fee for watching videos remotely. This is very different from the mobile phone to watch remote video. The mobile phone to watch remote video is charged according to the traffic, and the video traffic is relatively large. Computer is widely used in website platform. The computer is the clearest to watch video and the control panel is sufficient Large, So you can monitor and operate multiple objects without worrying about misuse;

4) Since it is equipment and device control, of course, you will need to deploy a little hardware. In addition to installing the video head, there is a network with a router at the far end, but the hardware expenditure is very small (hundreds of dollars), and the power consumption is very small (tens of watts), Of course, there is no need to deploy a computer remotely.

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