Scan QR code to complete visitor registration

Scan QR code to complete visitor registration

During the period of preventing the COVID-19 virus, many units such as banks, clubs, kindergartens, etc., required a large number of rapid visitor registration, such as the entrance of the Singapore OCBC Bank Yishun branch, people came to the bank and scanned the exhibition board with a mobile phone QR code to complete the registration of foreign visitors on the mobile phone:

Here, we have made use of the advantages of website design to create an application that can complete visitor registration by scanning a QR code :

1) The mobile phone scans a QR code;

2) Auto enter the visitor information collection page on mobile;

3) Visitors fill in their names, contact information, etc .;

4) Clicks to submit;

5) All information is retained and can be viewed.

The following are the demo QR code, the registration form on the mobile phone and the information received:

Registration items can also be increased or decreased as needed.

Welcome to contact us and use our services! The current price is $ 300 / year.


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