Online sales (marketing) must have bilingual websites

Why emphasize online marketing needs a bilingual website?

70% of Singaporeans are Chinese. In Southeast Asia, many people communicate in mandarin (including Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka), those who have just come from the mainland, or from Taiwan, migrant workers, overseas residents, or businessmen, or wealthy People, they will only communicate in mandarin. If they are looking for a product or service, they will certainly use Chinese Google characters as keywords on the Google search engine. If your website is bilingual in Chinese/English, it will of course be included. Imagine that they must search in English. It may have been more than ten or twenty years ago. Now English is not 100% strong, and it is also very popular in Chinese (because there are too many middle-class Chinese). Second, if visitors can find the products and services they need in Chinese and understand the products and services more accurately, it is better than unfamiliar language websites found in unfamiliar languages, but they cannot accurately understand the products and services of English websites. After all, it is now an era when there are too many services and supplies, and few buyers.

There are also services and products in some industries and categories, whose keywords are not known to those who understand English. For example, moving companies are easy to find in English, such as insecticide companies, renovation companies, and fitness centers. It is difficult to find in Google. The search engine used crappy English to search for a long time, and the display processing is not easy to understand. At this time, your bilingual website has become a sweet and sour meal.

What is good e-marketing, effective online marketing, and precise search engine optimization, these questions are the general direction. Compared with a single website, the establishment of a bilingual website is first of all a strategic advantage.

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