Get bilingual website design ebooks for free

Get bilingual website design ebooks for free

(Click this link to get more)《 WordPress New concept of building a website》

Beginning in 2020, any company or individual commissioned to design a website in our company will receive a pdf version of the “New Concept of WordPress Website Construction” ebook.

This book was written by our founder, He Mingsong(何明松).

Although this book is not yet available in English, we believe it can help many people

We have designed a website for you, and with this e-book as a guide, you can quickly master how to enter the background of the website, understand the basic structure of the background, understand the basic principles of the website, and the correspondence between the foreground and the background. Learn to modify and change the content, pictures, text, contact information, service information, etc. of the website, post information, and post articles. For business websites, adjusting the products sold, product prices, publishing preferential news, publishing exhibition information, etc., can be done at any time. And all the website information, pictures, etc. are on the virtual host (or understood as being in the cloud), so the operation is also very convenient. Simple operations can be performed on a mobile phone, and complex operations can be performed on any computer, your own computer, or someone else’s computer. It’s the same in the office, at home, and even in the library.

The website is not high-tech from design to maintenance, and does not require professional design software.

In the past, making websites required a lot of homework and learning a lot of software. Now, with WordPress, many technical details don’t need to be paid attention anymore. You can make beautiful websites without even writing a line of code. , Of course, the owner of the company’s own company can certainly make a website and maintain the website.

The contents of this book are as follows:

Although the book “New Concept of WordPress Website Construction” is a professional book on website design, it is written from the most basic knowledge. It tries to make website design and maintenance no more difficult than ordinary office software, such as Excel, Powerpoint. For the maintenance and use of the website, you can select the corresponding chapters, and you don’t need to learn from beginning to end.

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